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Good Employer 2020

已更新:2022年10月3日 understands that a strong team is formed through good employee relations, as long as the company cares and values its employees, they will reciprocate with heart and hard work to provide better services to clients.

In the spirit of that, we participated the Good Employer Charter 2020 organized by the Labor Department, where the Charter aimed at Employers to “Care for its Employees”, establishing “Good Labor-Management Communication”, etc., such that employees can achieve “Work-life Balance” and ensure their “Employee Benefits”.

Today (6th August 2020), the Labor Department has announced the list of signatories of the “Good Employer Charter 2020”. has lived up to the expectations and became a part of the signatories (Cheers). Through an “Employee-oriented” Human Resources Management, we are committed to creating a comfortable and “Employee-friendly” working environment for our colleagues, such that they can reciprocate back to the company and provide quality service for clients.

To learn more about, please go to, or call our Customer Service Hotline 6638 3838 to contact us.

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