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What is Company Secretary?

According to “Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)” under the law of Hong Kong, each Limited Company should assign at least one Company Secretary. A Company Secretary is a legal position, liable to a certain legal responsibility, and could be served by an internal employee, third party personnel or any legal entities. The duties of a company secretary include handling relevant statutory records and to ensure that all procedures complies with the laws and regulations, and are jointly liable with Company Directors, including the provision of Significant Controllers Registry.

The “622 Secretarial Platform” under provides “Compliance Profession” Company Secretary Services to clients to help clients handle the relevant statutory work under an orderly manner, the services include:

  • Company Incorporation

  • Prepare Annual General Meeting

  • Prepare and submit Annual Returns

  • Process the Transfer and Allocation of Company Shares

  • Deregistration of Company and Liquidation, etc.

Clients can choose different services according to their needs such that clients can fulfill their operation needs and at the same time avoid paying additional charges. Once client chose us as your Company Secretary, they may enjoy other services in a promotional price.

Want to know more about Company Secretary Service’s content and charges? Please browse “622 Secretarial Platform” to learn more.

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