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How is the standard of the “Self-help Audit Fee Valuer/ Calculator” determined?

已更新:2022年9月1日’s pioneer, “Self-help Audit Fee Valuer/ Calculator”, provides a reference for a “Standard Price” on Accounting and Audit services. The “Standard Fee” is adjusted based on the clients’ company scale and other circumstances under the principle of linking the complexity of cases and price together.

We are committed to high efficiency, avoiding unnecessary tug-of-war. By providing a “Self-help Audit Fee Valuer/ Calculator” form for our clients to conduct “Self-assessment” with information on company status and other information, the “standard fee” can be generated based on the items on the form. This helps to ensure that both parties can have a rough budget on the case and dramatically avoids the possibility of repeating tugs-of-war.

After the client has completed the form, we will arrange a face to face meeting as soon as possible and handover all necessary documents, the focus of the face to face meeting are:

  1. According to the readiness of the documents, explain whether it is consistent with the content of the form. (The purpose is to enhance the client’s understanding towards the case and to establish a long-term relationship of cooperation and mutual trust).

  2. Provide the client with accurate adjustment on the quotation (if necessary).

After the meeting, we will start the accounting and auditing work shortly according to client’s need. Only by avoiding tugs-of-war from traditional accounting, a more efficient, higher quality of professional services can be provided to our client, at the same time to save time and information for us, achieving a win-win situation.

Very interested in our “Self-use Audit Fee Valuer/ Calculator”? Go to “050 Accounting Platform” to experience yourself! To learn more, browse, or call our Customer Service Hotline 6638 3838 to contact us. 

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